Asset management

Your advisor will assist you in selecting an investment portfolio that best suits your investment targets and your risk appetite

For customers who want to have a portion of their financial assets professionally managed by UniCredit Group. This service is most frequently used by:

  • Companies that regularly generate surplus cash flow and are not planning any new medium-term investments into their business or they have available a sufficiently long time horizon.
  • Financial institutions that give us a management mandate. One of such examples was an insurance company for which we now manage assets in long-term business funds.
  • Special forms of legal persons having certain assets that are collected with a specific purpose and used to finance long-term projects.
  • Individuals who grow their assets through a legal person, where taxes on profits are lower than for natural persons. They can also lower their profits with the costs incurred in their operations.

Your advisor and asset manager will help you select an investment strategy that meets your needs, financial targets and attitude to risk. With our variety of portfolios, we can find a suitable solution for any investor profile.

Our investment management experts keep their customers updated on the latest developments, while investments within asset management are chosen based on the Global Investment Strategy (GIS) concept.

The Global Investment Strategy is developed by UniCredit Group’s financial centres where experienced and dedicated investment experts analyse on a daily basis more than 50 internal and external financial sources such as market data, global research and business trends and based on that determine the current month’s optimum asset distribution for all of our model portfolios, advise customers and manage their portfolios.

By observing the guidelines set out by UniCredit Group, the Global Investment Strategy (GIS) unit in Slovenia can successfully apply their know-how to the local market.[K-VJA1] 

Malo sem obrnil stavke in dal nekatere v prvo osebo ednine, ker nagovarjamo enega samega bralca, ki ga to zanima in bi želeli, da se odloči za našo Banko.

More on GIS.

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