Global Investment Strategy

It is our responsibility to provide you with an independent overview of markets and investment classes.

Our experienced investment specialists who are committed to the development of the GIS investment strategies at UniCredit Private Banking analyse more than 50 internal and external financial sources on a daily basis. These sources include market data, global surveys and business trends. They determine the optimum asset allocation for all our model portfolios on a monthly basis, and they also advise clients and manage their portfolios.

The GIS unit in Slovenia also follows the set guidelines of the UniCredit Group, and successfully transposes its knowledge and experience to the local market.


We employ the logic of core and satellite portions of the investment. The aim of the core portion of the portfolio is to ensure stable growth over a longer period, while the satellite portion is driven by market opportunities with the objective of higher returns.


The strategy is adapted to your needs. At UniCredit Bank Private Banking, we aim to grow your wealth. In doing so, we focus on your needs and desires.

Asset Allocation

When designing our model portfolios, we dedicate time to both the asset allocation process and risk management. Taking into account your individual goals, risk exposure preferences and investment time horizons we provide you with clear recommendations.

Transparent Reports

To aid you in making better financial decisions, we analyze all of the financial assets in your portfolio. In light of that, we individualize the strengths and weaknesses of your entire portfolio. We strive for a high level of transparency in our reports.

Risk Monitoring

Our private bankers constantly update you on the risks inherent in your portfolio and, where necessary, advise you on how to lower them. Regular rebalancing of the portfolio is essential in order to maintain the targeted risk profiles.

Up-To-Date Insight

Our investment specialists provide you with up-to-date insights. The results of our professional and systematic investment process are communicated to you every month. Our private bankers share with you the decisions made by our global investment committee, as well as the performance and risks that relate to your portfolio. We mobilize our skills and knowledge to deliver services that are characterized by the utmost in clarity and impact.

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