Mutual Funds

There are a myriad managers and groups of funds you can invest in, but the question here is who can you trust.

At UniCredit Bank Private Banking, we foster long-term cooperation exclusively with carefully selected partner investment firms that have three things in common:

  1. They are leaders in asset management on the international stage.
  2. They offer a broad range of funds covering most of the investment classes.
  3. They manage funds that have the potential to become best in class.

As a Private Banking client at UniCredit Bank, you will benefit from the highest quality and reliability of our select partners as well as access to the best funds in individual investments classes and segments.

Selection Process

Every step in our selection process incorporates our entire reservoir of financial and professional knowledge as well as the experience possessed by our specialists. When we select a fund, we are looking for one that offers consistent performance over longer periods and an excellent risk/return profile. In doing so, we follow a very clear and systematic process because such a method of selection allows us to include only the "best in class" funds into your portfolio.

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