Insurance Solutions

Grow your assets and get insured while doing so.

We offer unit-linked life insurance that is based on the UniCredit Global Investment Strategy (GIS) and features active management and seven investment profiles with the option of transitioning between the different strategies. This insurance offer numerous long-term advantages.

On the one hand, Ergo GIS - unit-linked life insurance with a GIS strategy provides Private Banking clients with the possibility of growing the funds entrusted to the Bank and achieving returns with investments in capital markets monitored diligently by the experts at the UniCredit banking group, while it provides clients with insurance in the event of death on the other.

To make it easier for clients to decide on a suitable investment portfolio, they are informed of the investment strategy and investment allocation prior to the selection of the investment. Such a briefing aims to answer two essential questions: what are the individual's investment expectations and what kind of risks they are willing to take on.

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