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We offer reliable and flexible financing.

In business, time is money. Whether you are looking for a passenger car or a commercial vehicle – we have the right solution

No matter the destination – we will get you there!

Performance, fuel economy, optional equipment: these are all important considerations when purchasing a vehicle. Choosing the optimum method of financing is also a vital decision to make. We offer solutions tailored to your wishes and suited for all vehicle models and types – from cars to commercial vehicles.

Personal use

If you are considering leasing a car for your personal use, come to us. When leasing a car, our experts will take care of all the time-consuming procedures for you. Everyone wants to be fast and mobile, so take advantage of the benefits of leasing when purchasing a new car. With a lease, you can stop worrying and indulge in the modern lifestyle, with your new car giving you complete independence and mobility.

Business use

We offer a broad array of options to businesses and entrepreneurs ranging from individual vehicles to the entire vehicle fleet. We ensure optimum financing and more – additional services that save your time and effort. UniCredit Leasing is your ideal partner for successful projects.

Leasing equipment will allow your company to start building momentum.

Flexibility plays a huge role in today’s business arena. The ability to respond to market changes quickly is an essential factor of a successful business strategy.

We support your ideas!

The right and reliable solution

If, instead of having your funds tied in production plants and machinery, you would like to invest those funds in expanding your company, we can help. As a professional, flexible, and creative partner, UniCredit can help you make your investment wishes a reality through leasing.

Exactly what you need

We can help you acquire any kind of investment asset (movable property). We have prepared offers for leasing production equipment, machinery for processing metals, timber, and plastics, construction machinery, computer hardware, farming machinery and equipment, medical and technical instruments, and any other kind of equipment you may need.

Get your money’s worth

You can rely on our experience and the strategies we design with our clients in mind, and thereby equip yourself for success. We can help you make your funds work in your favour, giving you flexibility in your business at all times.

Are you looking to purchase office space, a production or warehouse facility, or a retail space?

Businesses nowadays increasingly rely on leasing, which has become the modern way of obtaining and using real estate.

  • We can purchase an immovable property for you and lease it to you on a finance lease.
  • We can also purchase your immovable property and lease it to you on a finance lease.
  • Leasing that fully suits your needs.

We will support you in your decision, from start to end. Moreover, you can leverage our professionalism and many years of experience to your benefit.

Are you trying to use high-quality products to make a market breakthrough?

Offer your customers your products along with the financial means to purchase them. By helping them purchase your products, you increase your turnover and expand your service offering. You arrange details regarding the product with your customer and let us handle the financial side of the deal. As our vender leasing partner, you will be able to respond to market changes quicker.

Focus your sales activities on your customers to gain a competitive edge and increase your customer base.

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