Ergo GIS PRIPs insurance

The PRIPs insurance using the GIS strategy offers life insurance and growth of the invested assets, generating returns through investments in the capital markets. It consists of two components: the first is the insurance component and the other is the investment component. 

The Moje življenje unit-linked insurance plan

Protect yourself and your loved ones – life sometimes takes an unknown turn and it pays off to have life insurance for such cases. Every good investment is tailored to the investor’s wishes and their acceptable risk exposure level.

Risk insurance

One thing less to worry about. This form of insurance is primarily designed for those who want to protect their dependents: children, life partners and other members of their immediate or extended family who are in any way (in)directly dependent on your work and earnings. 

Life insurance for borrowers

It is advisable to conclude a life insurance policy when taking out a consumer, a home, or a mortgage loan.

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