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We have prepared for you simple, straightforward and safe products and services that can be tailored to suit your needs. We offer our customers the latest solutions in international cash management that guarantee a smooth flow of business between your corporation and its subsidiaries at home and abroad. Our solutions will give you an overview of your controlled companies’ financial operations, centralise your group’s payment operations in one location and manage its liquidity to achieve savings on interest and a faster cash turnover.

UniCredit offers domestic and international cash pooling, which enables a corporate group to optimise its short-term liquidity and thereby lower the costs of short-term financing, make its cash flows clearer and speed up the cash turnover within the group.

Cash pooling – what it is and who it is for

Cash pooling is the automated transfer of surplus cash from the participating transaction accounts of a corporate group into a chosen master account of the parent company. Depending on the type of cash pooling arrangement, the participating accounts may transfer into the master account at the end of the day either their entire cash surplus (zero balancing) or just the cash exceeding a certain surplus level (target balancing). In return, participating entities may draw on the funds in the master account to cover their own account deficits (below the zero or the target balance on the participating account). Interest is charged depending on the balance on the master account and the group of undertakings charge interest to each other on the basis of the intra-group loans. Cash pooling is intended for corporate groups with highly centralised treasury and finance departments that want to optimise their interest revenue and expenditure, improve intra-group payment discipline and speed up cash turnover. 

Benefits of cash pooling
  • Uninterrupted access to necessary information on the state of liquidity of the group and of individual companies.
  • Automatic daily concentration of surplus cash and automatic coverage of deficits in participating accounts up to the zero or target balance.
  • Efficient cash management – the optimisation of interest thanks to cash concentration and intra-group loans.
  • Transparent cash management in terms of interest paid on short-term borrowing, better supervision over companies’ receivables and payments carried out.
  • Reduced costs and risk levels associated with the management of cash in an international environment as there is less need for harmonisation and the cash pooling rules are determined in advance and known to all pooling participants.
  • Reduced operational finance staff workload thanks to automated transfers, preparation of interest calculations and transfers of interest among cash pooling participants.
  • Strategic advantage: improved competitiveness of the group.

Why choose UniCredit Bank
  • We offer local specialists who provide great advice, are responsive and act proactively (the concept of “one access point for all countries”) and collaborate with banking advisors of other banks, which are vital during implementation.
  • We offer assistance in implementation according to the project management concept, thereby reducing the burden of companies in terms of searching and handling information, various documents and banks.  Coordination at the level of the banking group and the partner banks is managed from Slovenia.
  • Standardised documentation across the banking group.
  • Subsidiaries are treated equally anywhere within UniCredit Group and high-quality services are provided across the banking group.
  • We can implement custom cash management structures for corporate groups featuring technological and legal support and delivering added value for the corporation.
  • We offer additional support services for cash pooling (interest calculations, interest capitalisation, access to a cash pooling platform for reviewing accounts and interactive cash management).
  • We connect companies experienced in international cash pooling.
  • We organise workshops and events related to cash management.
  • Our bank has experience and numerous references in the implementation of solutions for cash management and cash pooling.

The Account Info Point provides information about companies’ accounts. With this service, a parent company in Slovenia can use its electronic banking system to check its subsidiaries’ accounts (balances and transactions) at home and abroad. The parent company can do this without actively interfering with its subsidiaries’ cash flows.

The Account Info Point service is best suited for

The Account Info Point service is for companies looking to gain an overview of the cash flows within the group of related companies and to obtain information necessary for strategic decision-making regarding the further centralisation of the group’s treasury function while not becoming actively involved in any particular subsidiary’s cash management.

Service advantages
  • Viewing the account balance and transactions of subsidiaries from a single access point (E-bank), irrespective of which bank the subsidiary has an account with.
  • A great foundation for strategic decision-making of the parent company in terms of a possible further centralisation of the treasury and finance function of the corporate group (centralisation of payments, centralisation of liquidity).
  • A decentralised structure of the group as there is no active interference with the subsidiaries’ funds.
  • Available for all accounts held with any bank that supports SWIFT messages MT940 and/or MT942.

Additional information

For more about AIP, please call +386 1 5876 588 or send a message to cm[at]

European Gate is the entry point to performing payment transactions in a centralised fashion within UniCredit Group using a single access point for a corporate group with subsidiaries in foreign countries. It offers an overview and the active management of payments and accounts at home and abroad.


Find out more here.

Benefits of the European Gate service
  • Centralisation of the payments process within the group (Payment Factory).
  • Supervision over payments of the group and the establishment of payment discipline and payment priorities within the group.
  • A unified approach: submitting orders in a single format for particular countries, from the local (Slovenian) electronic banking system, via a single bank, with a single authorisation procedure for payment orders, with unified support for users and inquiries for all markets in Slovenia, as well as unified documentation.
  • Free forwarding of payment orders for debiting funds to a foreign account.
  • Long-term savings thanks to improved payment discipline and concentrated payment function of the corporate group.

Additional information

For more about European Gate, please call +386 1 5876 588 or send a message to cm[at]

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