We turned the rent

into a monthly loan repayment.



Easy and fast.



Optimisation of retail network

25. 2. 2020

UniCredit Banka Slovenija d.d. is striving to ensure professional treatment of our customers, emphasizing on confidentiality and kindness. Providing quality and excelence of our services remains our prioritiy.

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PSD2 – Exemption from providing a fallback mechanism

19. 9. 2019

UniCredit Group is happy to announce that we have received from the National Competent Authorities the exemption from providing a fallback mechanism.

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Dedicated interface to access online accounts in compliance with the PSD2 is now available


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PSD2 – Directive

22. 2. 2019

The PSD2 Directive updates and amends the existing regulations on payment services, expands the scope of payment services and its providers, improves the exchange of information, and introduces stricter security requirements for electronic payments.

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