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Online b@nka and Mobilna banka GO! for everyone who values their time.

What is Online b@nka?

Online b@nka is an online banking system and a UniCredit Group product. It has been designed for people who value their free time and who want to handle most of their banking matters over the internet.

What does Online b@nka offer?

Online b@nka features include:

  • Viewing balances on your accounts (transaction, savings, foreign currency), viewing transactions by accounts (two-year archive).
  • Viewing balances and transactions on your MasterCard and Visa cards.
  • Domestic payment transactions (bill payment, overview of direct debits, etc.).
  • Submitting payment orders, even with payment dates in the future (up to 180 calendar days).
  • Transferring funds between your accounts.
  • Currency exchange.
  • Submitting cross-border payment orders and foreign payment orders, activating additional accounts (own and authorised).
  • Ordering official certificates of payment and making term deposits.
  • Submitting applications to change account limits.
  • Submitting messages to the bank securely.
  • Viewing the current interest rates.
  • Viewing the current exchange rates.
  • Viewing loans and repayment plans.
  • Viewing securities.
  • SMS alerts.
  • Statements (monthly).
  • Creating, implementing and deleting standing orders.
  • Monitoring rejected payments.
  • Opening a savings account.
  • Ordering MasterCard and Visa cards.
  • Viewing the archive of payment orders and orders on the list of archived payment orders.
  • Settings for shortcuts, contact details, default account selection, etc.

To find out more, please read the General Terms of Use for Online Banking Systems.

Security recommendations

If you have a transaction account with UniCredit Bank, a computer with internet access and the UniCredit Bank M-token ...

  • The online bank application can be submitted at any branch of UniCredit Bank in Slovenia.
  • With regard to the application form, your personal banking consultant will help you determine a username that you will use to log into the system.
  • Your username must contain at least 6 characters. We do not recommend using your family members’ names, phone numbers, licence plate numbers, number sequences (123456) and other “dangerous” combinations.
  • Please activate a security question and answer that is known only by you. We advise to check and change the security question regularly.
  • A computer or mobile device (tablet, laptop, etc.) with internet access. The online bank runs on all officially-supported operating systems and in all supported and up-to-date browsers. The bank offers no official support for Linux and Mac OS X.
  • We recommend regularly installing security updates and patches on the operating system and browser you use to access Online b@nka.
  • Adobe Reader is recommended for the correct functioning of the document print feature.
  • You have a possibility to request a change of your daily and transaction limit to secure you funds availability.
  • We recommend you an additional messaging service to your e-mail account as an extra safety feature for different actions and events inside application.
  • For more details about the information security we recommend you to check the contents on

General Terms and Price List

For more about using the service, please read the General Terms of Use for Online Banking Systems.

For more about the service costs and about how much you can save using online and mobile banking, please read the bank’s tariffs extract.

About Mobilna banka GO!

An app for Android (version 3.1 and higher), iOS (version 8.0 and higher), and Windows Phone (version 8.0 and higher) smartphones. Also available for tablets. The updated version offers quick and secure access to the app using a fingerprint scanner on supported Samsung and Apple devices.

For those who are not yet our clients

The GO! app offers a number of benefits for everyone who wants to use it on their smartphone or tablet:

  • Contacts. A contact email address and for example the customer support working hours are just a few taps away.
  • Find a UniCredit branch. Using the geolocation service (GPS locator), you can quickly find your nearest UniCredit Group branch or ATM along with their address and phone number; a map and directions are available with a single tap. The lists can be conveniently filtered to display only ATMs or (currently open) branches.
  • The M-token. The app features the UniCredit Bank M-token/password generator that is used to enter and sign payment orders in Online b@nka.
  • Currency exchange. The app features a convenient currency exchange function for various currencies. You can convert from and to various currencies at the current sales, middle and purchase rate of UniCredit Bank.
  • Presentation. The app offers a DEMO environment for you to try out and see for yourself what features will be available after you enter your PIN number.

GO! app installation requirements

  • A mobile phone or tablet with internet access and support for Java ME (MIDP 2.0 / CLDC 1.1 support) running Android, iOS, or Windows Phone 8.
  • Enough free space. Prior to installing and using the Java ME based GO! app on older mobile devices in particular, you need to ensure you have at least 400 kB free space available. This is not an issue with newer mobile devices.
  • Having a transaction or personal bank account at UniCredit Bank.
  • Activate your GO! in your online bank. If you are already a user of our online banking (Online b@nka), you can simply submit the application for activating the GO! service within the app itself, or visit one of our branches and sign a consent form for activating the Mobilna banka GO! service.

What is the UniCredit M-token?

The M-token is an integral part of Mobilna banka GO! for smartphones and tablets running Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8. The UniCredit M-token can fully replace the physical security token that is currently used to enter and make signatures in Online b@nka. Some devices also support using your fingerprint for access to the M-token.

Fingerprint scanner (Touch ID) and the GO!

You can save your fingerprint on your mobile device’s fingerprint scanner and select it as the preferred option for unlocking your mobile device. You can also use this fingerprint to enter the GO! app even more quickly and easily than before. Instead of entering and confirming your PIN number, you can now enter the Mobilna banka GO! app simply by placing your finger on the scanner as long as you enable the option beforehand in the Mobilna banka GO! settings.

This service is currently available only on Apple iPhone 5S, 6 and 6 Plus and all newer Android devices (Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, Note 4 and Alpha).


You are using the fingerprint scanner to access Mobilna banka GO! at your own discretion and at your own risk. The bank is not liable or responsible for the operation or the correct functioning of the fingerprint scanner on your mobile device – this is entirely the responsibility of the manufacturer of your mobile device. Please check the manufacturer's instructions on how to activate and use the fingerprint scanner on your mobile device.

General Terms of Use and Price List

For more about using the service, please read the General Terms of Use for Online Banking Systems. For more about the service costs and about how much you can save using online and mobile banking, please read the bank’s tariffs extract.

Avoid the queues and the branches’ limited business hours and carry out any basic banking service at an ATM using UniCredit Bank Maestro, MasterCard or VISA cards. 24 hours a day, every day of the week. More about using ATMs

Things you can do with a Maestro card at UniCredit Bank ATMs

  • Free transaction account balance checks. You can check your current and your available balance using your Maestro card anytime.
  • Free cash withdrawals. Free cash withdrawals or balance checks are available at UniCredit Bank [WM1] and UniCredit Group ATMs in Slovenia and abroad (20,000 ATMs in 18 countries). You can make three free cash withdrawals within the current month at another bank’s ATM in Slovenia and the EMU.
  • Quick cash deposits. On specially marked ATMs, you can make cash deposits that are credited to your account immediately regardless of the time of deposit, unlike deposits made with a teller.
  • Quick payment of bills (UPN). Universal payment orders can be paid easily on specially marked ATMs, which automatically recognise and process any inserted universal payment orders, so you do not have to enter or fill in anything. UPN payments are faster and cheaper than those made with a teller. They are available to UniCredit Bank clients and the clients of other banks offering this service.
  • PIN change and unlock. Securely and easily change your PIN number to your liking.
  • Purchase a prepaid phone card. On specially marked ATMs, you can refill your phone card account at the following mobile network operators: Mobitel, Si.mobil, Tušmobil, and Izimobil.

Things you can do with VISA and MasterCard cards at UniCredit Bank ATMs

  • Check your available spending limit on the card. You can check your available spending limit anytime using your MasterCard or VISA card.
  • Cash withdrawals. UniCredit Bank ATMs allow you to make cash withdrawals anytime.

We provide answers to your questions. Every working day including Saturdays from 8:00 to 20:00 at the free phone number 080 88 00. On Sundays, please use our email address info[at]

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