Financial institutions

UniCredit Bank advises financial institutions on a whole range of products ranging from cash management, investments, financing, custody services, treasury products and corporate finance services.



We offer standard and complex financing solutions. As a member of UniCredit, one of the largest European financial groups, UniCredit Bank is able to provide solutions for business financing. In 2013, Financial Times awarded the Group the title of Financial Advisor of the Year in CEE. UniCredit Bank is also one of the few banks on the Slovenian market with longstanding experience in issuing Republic of Slovenia bonds on international markets.

Financial markets

We at UniCredit Bank know that it is possible to efficiently eliminate or at least optimise unfavourable exchange and interest rate fluctuations, as well as any commodity price fluctuations you are exposed to when doing business, which is why we offer financial derivatives that give you the ability not only to avoid the risks of changing exchange rates, interest rates and commodity prices, but also to boost your revenues by taking advantage of favourable market changes.
We offer a wide range of profitable investments that will increase your surplus funds in line with your wishes regarding maturity, profitability, transferability and risk appetite.

Investment banking

UniCredit Bank has an extensive network that will give you access to the capital markets. Our approach is based on the close collaboration between customers and specialised product teams.