Long-term financing

UniCredit Bank offers various forms of long-term financing for a set period. We provide a wide range of structures that can be used standalone or in connection with other products.

Within structured financing, UniCredit Bank covers the areas of financing the growth of a financial institution, investment financing and capital structure optimisation.

UniCredit Bank offers the following structured financing solutions:
  • Classic bank financing.
  • Corporate bonds – financing by issuing various forms of bonds.
  • Mezzanine financing – a form of subordinated debt with the characteristics of equity, but without the ownership rights.
  • Equity investments – search for partners for majority or minority equity investments into financial institutions.

Syndicated loans are intended for legal entities that need bigger long-term or short-term loans to be able to realise their investment potentials. In collaboration with other financial institutions, UniCredit Bank offers financing through various forms of syndicated loans. By working together with other domestic or foreign banks, UniCredit Bank can organise a banking syndicate or respond to another bank’s call to participate in order to spread risk across different banks when handling large financing amounts.

Financial institutions can also opt for classic forms of long-term financing that are tailored to their needs.

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