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UniCredit Banka Slovenija d.d. (hereinafter: the Bank) makes every reasonable effort to ensure that the information on its website is correct, complete and up-to-date, but would like to take this opportunity to caution the user that the website contents serve for general informational purposes only. The Bank therefore assumes no responsibility and provides no guarantee as to the correctness, completeness and currency of the published information...

The Bank also does not assume any responsibility for damage or loss incurred by anyone as a result of using the information. The Bank shall also not be responsible for web page content available via links included on the Bank's website. The Bank reserves the right to change and supplement the information published on the website. The information on this website does not provide a sufficient basis for investment or other decisions. The Bank assumes no responsibility for the actions the user performs based on the said information.


The content, structure and format of the Bank's website are protected under Slovenian and international legislation governing intellectual property. Copying of information and the use of texts, images and graphics either in their entirety or in part shall only be permitted with the Bank's prior approval.

  • Website or site. Website or site means several web pages making up the site or website. On the world wide web, the website is represented by the domain – company's web address, which is
  • Web page In computer science, a web page is a hypertext document displayed by a browser. A web page can contain various contents: texts, images, links, audio and video recordings and programmes. The markup language used to describe a web page is HTML.
  • Visitor or user A visitor or user is any person who visits the website irrespective of whether they communicate their personal data via the Bank's website or not.
  • Website owner or personal data controller is UniCredit Banka Slovenija d.d.
  • Personal data Personal data is data relating to an individual who is a natural person.
  • ZVOP-1 Means Personal Data Protection Act.
  • Online form An online form is a form or form sheet, which is located on a web page and is used by the visitor to enter their personal and other required data which they send to the recipient (i.e. the website owner) by clicking on the confirmation button.
  • Personal data filing system A personal data filing system is a structured set of personal data allowing identification of an individual.
  • Direct marketing Direct marketing is the offering of goods or services using mail, telephone, electronic and other means of communication.
Personal Data

Personal Data Protection Statement

The Bank respects the privacy of website users and undertakes to protect the personal data obtained on its website with the due diligence and in accordance with the personal data protection regulations (ZVOP-1) valid at the time.

A website user who enters their personal data into the online form for the purpose of enquiring about a banking product or service shall be deemed to have granted their personal consent for the processing of their personal data as required by the ZVOP-1, whereby they permit the Bank to collect, obtain, record, edit, store, access or use in any other way the user's personal data that it keeps in the personal data filing systems.

The user is hereby informed of the fact that the Bank shall use their personal data for the purpose of establishing contacts and drafting documentation, and that the Bank may also use their personal data for the purpose of direct marketing and data analysis for statistical and market research purposes. The user may at any time request that the Bank cease to use the personal data for direct marketing purposes. They may do so by sending an electronic message to the address Within 15 days of receiving the user's request, the Bank shall prevent the use of the individual's personal data for direct marketing purposes and shall inform the user of having done so within 5 days. The user may also request at any time that the data controller allow them access, copying or transcription of the data the controller is processing and for the controller to supplement, correct, block or delete such data if they are incomplete, incorrect or outdated.

The Bank employs appropriate technical and organisational procedures for the protection of personal data. The Bank shall not communicate personal data to third parties. The Bank may only disclose the personal data of the users of its website if so required by the law or if the individual consent to such disclosure. The Bank shall keep the personal data in electronic format. The communicated data shall be kept and used only for the period necessary to attain the purpose for which they were processed. Data shall then be deleted, destroyed, blocked or anonymized.

Because the Bank 's website contain links to other websites or web pages that are not the websites of the Bank and the Bank assumes no responsibility for the protection of personal data on such websites. The Bank shall inform the user of the eventual changes to this statement by sending a notification to the user's electronic address, which the latter has communicated upon the entry of personal data on the Bank's website.

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