Our staff

We know that our colleagues are the source of our power, energy and knowledge. We place a lot of attention on their development, considering that they reflect what the bank does to the outside world and are also a key factor in building our reputation.


Considerable attention is given to knowledge and education.

The key to long-term cooperation with customers is having a professional attitude, which requires continuous education of employees. A comprehensive education programme gives the various advisor profiles the skills necessary to meet the varied needs of customers.

We know that our employees can achieve the expected level of knowledge only through organised and planned education. The constant market changes, tailoring the offer to the customers and the development of applications and products require the permanent education of bank staff. The goal of this education is to equip our advisors with the necessary skills and competencies for efficient work with customers.

Global Policy on Gender Equality

Employee diversity promotes different viewpoints and contributes to greater innovation and builds a positive atmosphere in the company. We foster a working environment where many talents intertwine along with a host of knowledge and experience. We are also aware of the strategic importance of the culture of inclusion and of evaluation at all organisational levels.

In 2012, UniCredit Group adopted the Global Policy on Gender Equality in order to build a fair, respectful, and inclusive working environment with equal opportunities for career advancement regardless of gender. We promote a gender-balanced management structure where men and women are represented in the same proportion as in the overall employee pool and where decision-making at all levels of the organisation is equally appreciated regardless of gender.

Family Friendly Enterprise Certificate

We are proud to have received the full “Family Friendly Enterprise Certificate”. Having a proper balance between your personal and work life is extremely important for everyone, which is why we are striving to adequately balance work obligations while respecting the personal lives of our employees. Different approaches are needed for different stages of life; we make the necessary arrangements and offer flexible working hours and support in the event of prolonged absence from work (parental leave, study leave, sick leave, and other prolonged absences).

The Ombudsman institute

The Ombudsman, which the bank implemented at the end of 2007, allows employees to make individual complaints due to violations of the Values Charter caused by actions or conduct between employees or between employees and the bank. In this way, we want to facilitate the resolution of interpersonal conflicts and problems, promote workplace collaboration and create operating synergies among members of the Group.

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