Sustainable development is our daily commitment and is more than just an important part of our operations – it is the way we do business.

Our mission

  • At UniCredit Group, we strive to create value for our customers.
  • As a leading European bank, we are dedicated to developing the community we live in and to making a pleasant working environment for our employees.
  • We strive for excellence and are constantly looking for ways to simplify doing business with us.
  • Our commitments create sustainable value for all our stakeholders.

UniCredit Values Charter


Our dedication is our advantage

Our solid and steadfast dedication is our most powerful tool – to our customers, staff, investors, local communities where we operate, as well as dedication to observing our core values and culture, to achieving top quality in everything we do and dedication to achieving sustainable success for our company. We’re building relationships with customers and taking on an active role in the local communities.


The values shared by everyone in the UniCredit Group are based on integrity as a precondition for sustainability, allowing us to reshape profit into value for all our stakeholders.

Our values are derived from our Values Charter, which is the foundation of everything we do.

  • Honesty – we have a uniform, high standard for everything we do.
  • Trust – the solid foundation of our reputation and the basis for sustainable growth.
  • Respect – we strive to earn respect and also never hesitate to show it to those who deserve it.
  • Transparency – we make sure that everything we do is honest, sincere and for a purpose.
  • Reciprocity – we actively provide assistance and believe others would do the same for us.
  • Freedom of operation – we foster a culture of openness that enables every individual to realise their potential and even encourages them towards greater goals.

Sustainable success

We believe that financial objectives are achievable only through sustainable development that follows the principles listed below.

  • We strive to build long-term relationships with our customers.
  • We put to good use a wide variety of talents of our employees, regardless of their age, gender, religion, medical situation, or sexual orientation.
  • We demonstrate our desire to be a committed and beneficial local community member through donations and sponsorships.
  • In our business, we place great importance on ecological sustainability and we promote and support awareness of the interdependence of environmental topics and the banking industry.
  • Our education sessions, incentives and remuneration system are designed to bring the entrepreneurial mind-set closer to our staff, thereby generating a balance between work and leisure.

Sustainability Report

UniCredit Group has been making reports on its corporate social responsibility and sustainable operations since 2000. UniCredit Bank in Slovenia has been included as of 2007.


Report archive

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