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The result of the calculation based on the records and parameters supplied by you is for information purposes only, does not qualify as an obligation for the bank to approve and disburse the loan. The calculation was made pursuant to the currently effective Terms and Conditions, the bank reserves the right to amend the aforementioned Terms and Conditions. The bank assesses the applicant’s income relations and the collateral value of the property securing the mortgage loan based on its own loan approval regulations and the prevailing legal regulations. The bank’s decision relating to granting a loan shall be made in accordance with the conditions outlined in its General business conditions for Private Customers, List of Conditions and Announcement, based on its loan assessment.


Credit bureau SISBON is an information system, which was established for the purpose of managing credit risks of banks and other creditors ensuring a responsible crediting policy and prevention of over debt of individuals/private persons.

SISBON system has been set up to:

  • fulfill the obligations stipulated in article 390.a of the Banking Act-1 (ZBan-1),
  • reduce the potential risks involved in doing business with the general population,
  • ensuring responsible lending and prevention of over-debt of individuals,
  • enable a fuller insight into the debt of individuals and their contractual obligations,
  • make business with customers more transparent,
  • enable precise credit ratings of customers.

More on: www.sisbon.si

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