Custody services

Custody services are designed for domestic investors who invest in foreign securities and foreign investors who invest in domestic securities.

We are the first bank in Slovenia that began marketing custody services for foreign customers. In 1996, we offered custody services to all foreign portfolio investors, gaining the biggest share of the Slovenian securities market in this area. This ranks UniCredit Bank among the leading providers of custody services for foreign and domestic investors in Slovenia.



The scope of custody services

  • Managing accounts of dematerialised securities.
  • Safekeeping securities (through foreign custodians).
  • Managing cash custody accounts.
  • Settling transactions relating to securities (foreign countries, Slovenia).
  • The payment of interest (coupons) and dividends.
  • Negotiations with the counterparty in the event the transaction is not settled on the envisaged settlement date.
  • Reporting on corporate actions and processing them (notifications by email).
  • Reporting on the balance and value of portfolios.
  • Reporting on the balance and transactions on cash accounts.
  • Reporting to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) on payments originating in the US for individual customers.
  • Information about the market, taxes, etc.
  • Additional services (tax claims in line with double taxation agreements, reporting on qualifying holdings by authorisation of the customer, etc.).
  • You can pledge your securities in favour of a third party.

Thanks to UniCredit Group’s expansive worldwide network, we can provide our services quickly and at competitive prices while being able to adapt to our customers’ needs more easily to ensure their satisfaction.

Our custody services guarantee the safety of your assets abroad and in Slovenia, the timely receipt of your interest and dividends from foreign issuers, notifications about corporate actions relating to a given issuer of a security, and an efficient and simple way to invest in foreign securities.


As proof of the high quality of our custody services, UniCredit Bank has received numerous awards in recent years.

  • Global Finance: Best Sub-custodian Bank in Slovenia and CEE, 2014 (since 2010)
  • Global Investor: Best provider of custody services for foreign investors in Slovenia (2013)
  • Global Custodian: Best provider of custody services in Slovenia (2012)

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