Cash management

UniCredit Bank is a pioneer in comprehensive cash management.

For groups of affiliated financial institutions within the country's borders and outside them, we offer the optimisation of operations to deliver greater transparency, greater cost-effectiveness and liquidity management.

Our cash management services include
  • Transaction account maintenance and the processing of domestic and foreign payments, in several currencies.
  • Compatible electronic banking systems (E-bank, Online b@nka or BusinessNet).
  • Checking the balance in accounts held with any member of the UniCredit banking group, including remote signing of payment orders using electronic banking systems.
  • Regular information on balances in transaction accounts at home and abroad in electronic form (MT940, MT942).
  • Centralisation of the payment function in a group of financial institutions via European Gate, a UniCredit Group product.
  • Cash pooling at home and abroad, designed to lower financing costs by automating internal financing across intra-group institutions.
  • Non-cash payment services.

Use online banking to simplify your daily payment transaction tasks. Online banking saves time and money.

At UniCredit Bank, you can choose one or all three online banking systems, i.e. E-invoice, the E-bank online banking and BusinessNet.

UniCredit Bank offers advanced cash management solutions for greater transparency and the optimisation of liquidity.

Cash sweeping

This solution includes zero balancing, target balancing and reverse balancing.

Cash pooling

Cash pooling is a service tailored to the customer that in practice delivers innovative solutions in the internal financing of financial institutions and supports their strategic advantages. UniCredit Bank is a pioneer in the Slovenian banking arena who has been introducing, developing and supplementing various options for automated (without manual intervention) domestic or international cash pooling according to the customer’s wishes. At its core, the service is designed for optimising local and/or international liquidity within groups of affiliated financial institutions and for reducing the costs of financing.

European Gate

European Gate is the entry point to performing payment transactions in a centralised fashion for a group of institutions with subsidiaries in foreign countries. This service is designed for financial institutions with foreign subsidiaries who want to manage their payment operations centrally from Slovenia for a group of financial institutions. Since European Gate is a product of the UniCredit Group, financial institutions must have an account with UniCredit Group to be able to use it.

Account Info Point

The Account Info Point (AIP) provides information about the accounts of financial institutions. With this service, a parent financial institution can use its electronic banking system to check its subsidiaries’ accounts at home and abroad. The parent financial institution can do this without actively interfering with its subsidiaries’ cash flows. This service is intended for financial institutions with subsidiaries in and/or outside Slovenia that want to monitor their subsidiaries’ account balances.

Non-cash payment services are becoming increasingly more important in financial institutions’ operations. As support for your non-cash operations, UniCredit Bank offers the BA Maestro Business Debit Card, the Visa Business Payment Card and POS terminals.

The BA Maestro UniCredit Bank Business Debit Card

The card can be used to withdraw cash and make payments at POS sites marked with the Maestro or Cirrus signs in Slovenia and abroad. The daily spending limit on the card is set by the legal representative for each cardholder separately. To make a payment, you will need to provide your signature or enter your PIN number.

The VISA UniCredit Bank Business Payment Card

The Visa Business Payment Card is designed for financial institutions and employees who are authorised to use the card.

  • Deferred payment.
  • Insurance on domestic and international business trips.
  • Secure payments in over 170 countries worldwide.
POS terminals

A majority of customers use payment cards instead of cash for their purchases. By accepting cards at your point of sale (POS terminal), you will respond to your customer’s needs by offering them a secure, quick and easy way to make payments.

You can choose from a variety of POS terminals:

  • Mobile (works using a GSM connection).
  • Standard fixed-line (digital, analogue or network line).
  • Device with a PIN pad where the customer enters their PIN.

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