UniCredit Bank offers various options for investing savings into deposits for everyone looking for an opportunity to increase their surplus funds (which they know they won’t need for a while).

Deposits are intended for all legal persons who want to grow their surplus funds safely and easily.

UniCredit Bank can invest your surplus funds in EUR and/or in a foreign currency for a non-specific purpose at competitive interest rates for a specified period or redeemable at notice. Competitive deposit interest rates are adjusted individually according to the nature of your company’s business relationship with UniCredit Bank.

Funds can be invested for specific fixed periods (during which they won’t be accessible to you) or in the form of deposits redeemable at notice (31 days). In these cases, your funds will accrue interest at more favourable interest rates than compared to normal short-term deposits.

This option allows you to deposit your surplus funds with the bank overnight, which is more profitable because they earn higher interest compared to funds in a transaction account.

Fixed term deposits are where available funds are deposited for a predetermined period of time during which the depositor cannot freely access them. In return, the bank assumes the responsibility to return the deposited funds including any interest accrued to the depositor after the expiry of the contractually set term.

With Fleksi and automatic extensions every 3, 6, or 12 months over a period of 3 years, your funds will be invested profitably while preserving your liquidity. The Fleksi is the right choice because the investment period can be cancelled when you want without incurring any additional obligations to your bank.

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