Savings account

Your backup plan for unforeseen life events and situations

With UniCredit Bank savings accounts, you can build your savings with no additional costs while keeping your money at hand at all times.

Who are the savings accounts best suited for

For everyone who wants to save and grow a part of their income, but needs to be able to freely access those funds every day. These accounts are sight accounts intended for safely depositing funds and making cash transactions; they can be in the local or in a foreign currency.

Advantages and benefits of savings accounts
  • Quick access to funds – 24/7: Available funds from your personal transaction account can be transferred into your savings account anytime at any branch or using Online b@nka or Mobilna banka GO!. You can also transfer the funds from your savings account back into your transaction account anytime you want.
  • Rarely used currencies are available (USD, CHF, AUD, HRK, SEK, DKK, etc.).
  • The funds on your savings account are kept separate from your personal bank account, which means that they cannot be spent frivolously or stolen, for example if you lose your wallet or your Maestro debit card.
  • A tool for achieving your short-term financial goals (up to one year), for instance savings for annual leave or securely storing a large sum of money for purchasing real estate in the near future.
  • A means for realising your long-term targets (over one year), for instance saving gradually for your children’s schooling, purchasing a car or a piece of real estate or some other long-term goal.
  • A financial aid for unexpected expenses (e.g. repairing or replacing your washer, having to purchase a new monitor/TV, visiting the dentist, purchasing a new PC, etc.).

The Multi savings account is simultaneously a sight account and a flexible short- or long-term investment in EUR with the contractual annual interest rate of 0.1%. 

Advantages and benefits of the Multi savings account
  • Guaranteed liquidity with 24/7 access to your funds (using the online and mobile bank).
  • Encourages you to save up every month – in the short-term and/or the long-term.
  • You can make deposits and withdrawals however you want – the choice is yours.
  • Daily interest calculation and monthly interest payments.
  • No account set-up or maintenance fees.
  • Loyalty and discipline are rewarded as the yield increases with longer maturity.

Why choose the Multi account?
  1. The application form for the account can be submitted using Online b@nka or by filling in the order form on the bank’s website.
  2. You only need to conclude one contract with unlimited duration.
  3. Deposits and withdrawals are free-of-charge as internal transfers in Online b@nka.
  4. You can check your Multi account balance anytime (24/7) using the online and mobile bank.

Online Plus is a savings account with a progressive interest rate for the easy transfer of funds into an account with a higher interest rate.

Advantages and features of the Online Plus savings account

  • Full control over your funds while they are generating savings.
  • Do things faster: the account opening application can be submitted via Online b@nka. A consultant will call you to arrange a date when you can visit your nearest branch.
  • Using Online b@nka or Mobilna banka GO!, you can check your balance or transfer any amount of funds from your transaction account into your savings account – anytime.
  • Funds or standing orders from your transaction account into the Online Plus can be transferred automatically.
  • You can make any kind of withdrawals from or deposits into the Online Plus in any branch and without a notice term.
  • Online Plus funds can be converted into a term deposit anytime.
  • Online Plus funds are better protected in the event of your debit card being misused.
  • Online Plus is available to clients who have already enabled the online banking service in their banking package.
  • Savings are in EUR and the minimum first deposit is EUR 50.

The savings account for young people is a secure and easy way to store money for various purposes and using deposits of any size. This is an account for young citizens of Slovenia until they turn 18 or gain the capacity to exercise rights aimed at promoting saving habits, the responsible use of money and the accumulation of funds in order to realise their wishes and plans that are somewhat more difficult to achieve financially.

Features of the savings account for young people

  • Money can be withdrawn anytime, there is no notice term.
  • Monthly transaction and balance statements.
  • A deposit of EUR 20 is required when opening the account. Subsequent deposits can be made anytime and in any amount.
  • Maintaining a minimum balance is not necessary.
  • Savings are in EUR.

Account opening conditions and the right of disposal

  • Parents or guardians can open this account on behalf of their child or adolescent after opening the Palček banking package for children or the Car banking package for adolescents.
  • The savings account holder must be younger than 18 and without the full capacity to exercise rights.
  • Parents or guardians are the only ones with access to the funds in the savings account.
  • Adolescents can gain the right of disposal and start using the funds in the savings account independently once they turn 15 (subject to a written statement of the parents or guardians).
  • Until gaining the right of disposal, adolescents can make only cash deposits at the bank’s branches.
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