Information on the internal complaint procedure


Information on the internal complaint procedure for legal persons, entrepreneurs, private individuals, communities and other civil law entities

The Bank shall resolve any disputes and disagreements based on the written or oral complaint of a legal person, entrepreneur, private individual, community or other person under civil law (hereinafter: the complainant).

The complainant may submit a written complaint at any Bank branch, send it to UniCredit Bank Slovenija d.d. Šmartinska 140, 1000 Ljubljana (with the indication Complaint Monitoring), via electronic banking (BusinessNet or E-bank), via e-mail to the competent contact person at the Bank's branch, to the Bank's e-mail address or via the web portal here.

The complainant may submit an oral complaint in person or by telephone at any Bank branch or by contacting the Bank contact centre at 080 8800. The Bank shall only be obliged to reply to complaints submitted in writing.

A complaint should be fully clear and comprehensible and should contain a description of the facts that are the object of the complaint. It should include the following:

Data on the complaining party (name, surname, address, e-mail address, telephone or title and registered office of the legal person or holder of activity);

  • A description of the grounds for the complaint and the event or an indication of the key facts and the date of the event;
  • An indication of documents the complaint relates to;
  • The submission of evidence confirming the facts on which the complaint is based;
  • Contact details for sending a reply;
  • Client signature (when a complaint is sent by post to the address of the Bank's head office).

A compensation claim must contain all the mandatory elements of a complaint and is to be submitted in writing. If it is not submitted in writing or is incomplete, the conditions for its consideration shall not be fulfilled.

The Bank shall only handle complete and properly submitted complaints. In the case of incomplete, incomprehensible or unclear complaint, the Bank shall invite the complainant to supplement the complaint within an 8-day deadline. The invitation for complaint supplementation shall interrupt the complaint-handling deadline. In this case, the complaint procedure, and thus the deadline for resolving the complaint and submitting the reply to the complaint, will begin on the day following the day of the receipt of a complete or supplemented complaint. If the complainant fails to supplement the complaint within the indicated deadline, the Bank shall be obliged to reject it.

The Bank will decide on the complaint as soon as possible or no later than 15 working days after the receipt of all relevant documentation.  If it is not possible to resolve the complaint or objection within the indicated deadline due to the complexity of the case, the Bank shall inform the complainant in writing of the reasons thereof and the estimated date of the final solution of the complaint, which shall not exceed 35 working days from the date of receipt of the complete complaint. The complainant shall have the right to file an objection. The Bank shall send a decision on the objection with appropriate explanations in writing to the client's address within 15 working days. This shall constitute the final decision of the Bank and the Bank's internal complaint procedure shall thus be completed.

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