The importance of safety

in everything we do.

Tips for safe communication

  • Manage your passwords carefully

  • Attentivelly handle e-mails, SMS and calls

  • Report any suspecious messages

In the light of current situation with the outbreak of COVID-19 can present an ideal opportunity for various means of fraud. We're constantly doing everything in our power to notice and prevent such frauds and provide support in terms of education and help to our clients. Please read carefully the tips on how to stay safe when communicating online and recognise any potential fraud attempt.

With the rise of communications, it is cruical that you are carefull with providing your personal data, specially via phone calls, e-mails, SMSes and social media messages, that might demand certain information or action from you. We would like to stress that UniCredit Bank never requires authentication data on any communication channels, being e-mail, phone call, SMS or social media.

Manage your passwords carefully and secure yourself from harmful messages

Manage passwords in total security

  • frequently change the PIN of the Multichannel Bank;
  • avoid the automatic saving of passwords in browsers;
  • be wary of e-mails that require the insertion of any access information.

Protect yourself from email frauds or malicious viruses:

  • never enter personal data on pages reached via e-mail links (or attachments);
  • do not click on suspicious links;
  • do not download any attached files; 
  • always report suspicious cases. 

Be careful of frauds via SMS or telephone contact:

  • to be wary of any SMS requesting personal data, passwords for accessing the Internet Banking, numbers of cards or of current accounts;
  • protect the personal data;
  • be wary of any telephone contact that asks for passwords and / or access.

How to recognise UniCredit messages?


  • Your personal data, passwords and card number will never be required
  • Buttons and links in emails never lead direclty to landing pages of Online or Mobile bank
  • Bank will never want you to share authentication information or data, that might identify you on digital chanels, such as: PIN, password, generated code for accessing to Online bank, 3-digit code on credit card (CVC2/CVV2) via email, phone call or SMS
  • UniCredit Bank doesn't use social media or any communication channels associated with Facebook (Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram or WhatsApp) as well as Viber or any other social media.

Suspecious communication should immediately be reported

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Call our free number 080 88 00 and report any suspecious activity to us.

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