UniCredit and Marketing communication

The customer is the centre of attention for us.

We see banking as a normal part of everyday life, meaning that we are doing our best to understand what individuals and companies actually need in order to be able to provide the right solutions.

The UniCredit global brand is uniform in all markets where we operate, as well as strong and unique while preserving a local touch. With it, we want to be recognisable as a leading European commercial bank and get the message of who we are and what we offer across clearly.

Our logo

Our logo is red and is a common graphical element of the UniCredit brand. It symbolises energy, reliability, and a global approach. The white number 1 in the centre of the logo is a symbol of power and leadership. It is inclined upwards to the right in the direction of a growth trend. The unique UniCredit font expresses warmth, sincerity, and the modern image of the Group.

Brand advertising and positioning

The central message of the advertising copy “Life is full of ups and downs. We’re there for both.” is derived from how we see banking and our mission – to understand needs and look for the right solutions. Our thinking is founded upon our customers’ trust in our products and services. When communicating with customers through advertising, we want to evoke emotions and build mutual trust.

At UniCredit Group, “Life is full of ups and downs. We’re there for both.” is more than just a slogan, it is the essence of our brand. Just like real life, banking is full of challenges and opportunities. Only by understanding the needs, recognising the questions of individuals, families, companies, and whole communities, we are able to formulate a proper answer.

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